Alexandra Leiton

Alexandra Leiton

Our beautiful Bella of the week is Alexandra Leiton.

Currently she is studying computer science. In her free time she enjoys going to the movies, hanging out with friends and mainly declares her self a dance lover, which we will see her visiting the clubs in Costa Rica. She has 6 months experience in modeling, which she enjoys, and most of all the photography.

She loves a good book- reading to relax herself it give herself moments of peace and tranquility.

During the session she was very entertaining with jokes that our beloved photographer Ivan was telling , it really made ​​her laugh and laugh.

Nuestra Bella de la semana es Alexandra Leiton.

Actualmene estudia computacion. Entre sus pasa tiempos esta, ir al cine, salir con sus amigos y principalmente se declara una amanate del baile, por la que la veremos visitando las discos del pais. Tiene 6 meses de haber incursionado en el modelaje, el cual disfruta, mas que que todo la fotografia.

Amante de la buena lectura , para relajarse y darse momentos de paz y tranquilidad.

Durante la sesion paso muy entretenida con los chistes de nuestro querido fotografo Ivan, realemente la hicieron reir y reir.


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