Katherine Castro

Katherine Castro

In this session Katherine Castro wears for us from the most sensual lingerie to the most relaxed and comfortable swimwear.

This curvy blonde is capable of facing any challenge that crosses her way. She used to practice boxing and she is actually is practicing kickboxing. This Bella never wastes time, on any spare time she also practices soccer.

If you could see her while playing sports… Oh boy! She looks awesome! Katherine is a sweet girl with beautiful intentions towards others and is also very stylish as a woman.

Our Bella Guerrera lives here in San Jose, very near to Bellapod’s base studio.

Enjoy now this beautiful warrior, then Bella Guerrera.

Photos by Ivan Valverde

En esta sesion Katherine Castro luce desde la sensual lenceria hasta los mas relajados vestidos de baño.Esta curvilinea rubia es capaz de enfrentar cualquier reto que se le atraviese. Practica el boxeo, el kickboxing y no pierde tiempo, tambien practica el soccer.

Si la vieran en sus practicas deportivas… Oh cielos!! Es impresionante!!

Katherine es una linda y dulce chica, con un bellas intenciones para con los demas y con mucho estilo como mujer. Nuestra Bella Guerrera vive aqui en San Jose muy cerca del estudio principal de Bellapod.

Disfrutemos de la Bella Guerrera

Fotos de Ivan Valverde


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